Job Description

Mandatory Requirements 

The mandatory requirements for this position are:  

  • Fifteen plus (15+) years of relevant chief information security officer experience; 

  • Relevant qualification; and 

  • Knowledge or experience in allwith expert knowledge in at least twoof the following areas: 

Responsibilities and Job Function 

The successful candidate will be required to: 

  • Act as the centre of excellence for information security in the organisation;  

  • Research latest trends in information security and information security approaches;  

  • Incorporate any enhancements uncovered via research in the information security strategies and frameworks;  

  • Establish and maintain the enterprise vision, strategy, and program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected; 

  • Identify, develop and maintain policies and processes across the enterprise to reduce information and information technology risks; 

  • Design, develop and maintain information technology frameworks and strategies; 

  • Establish appropriate standards and controls; 

  • Propose security technologies; and 

  • Be overall responsible for information-related compliance 

Knowledge and Skills 

The general skills required for this position are: 

  • Expert ability to articulate the return on investment for any security solutions; 

  • Expert experience with the incident response standard; 

  • Superior knowledge of budget and fiscal management; and 

  • Ability to work independently in a fast-paced, quickly changing and sometimes unstructured environment. 

The technical skills required for this position are: 

  • Expert knowledge of information assets and technologies; 

  • Expert knowledge of cybersecurity, security architecturedatabase, application and information security governance and management; 

  • Expert knowledge of disaster recovery; 

  • Expert knowledge of identity and access management; 

  • Expert knowledge of information privacyregulatory compliance, and risk management; 

  • Expert knowledge of information technology controls for financial and other systems 

  • Expert knowledge of information technology investigations and digital forensics; 

  • Expert experience with crafting security policies; 

  • Expert awareness of potential points of failure in information technology systems; 

  • Expert competencies such as governance, system controls, auditing, compliance and operations management, strategic planning, and finance and risk management; and 

  • Expert network security and firewall management skills 


and Experience 

The qualifications and experience related to this position are: 

  • Appropriate and recognised formal chief information security officer related tertiary qualification, preferably a masterdegree, or equivalent thereof, in information technology or related fieldThird party certifications such as the CCISO (certified chief information security officer) by the EC-Council, CISSP (certified information systems security professional) by ISC², and the CISM (certified information security manager) by ISACA are advantageous; and 

  • Experience of fifteen plus (15+) years within a chief information security officer role. 


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