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Friday, September 23, 2022


Johannesburg, South Africa






R750000 to R1100000

As part of a growing team, we need experienced Senior BI Developers to join us on a journey to understand, Design and Build the FDLC (Full Development Lifecycle) of the client BI Solutions. This role will not only enable you to work with the best developers in the region, but also allow you to have input on key technical decisions that includes frameworks and tools being used into wider technical strategy/architectures.

Data Wrangling:

Production experience building ETL / ELT / Pipelines using SQL, SSIS, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse

Must have:

  • At least 10+ years production experience in analysing and wrangling data
  • Production experience analysing and wrangling relational data sources (e.g., CSV, Excel, SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Production understanding and mastery of the difference between Relational, Dimensional and Non- structured data
  • Production experience transforming and conforming diverse data sources to business insights through collaborative Business Matrix and visible Data Lineage

Dimensional Modelling

  • Production experience building data warehouses and / or dimensional models using Kimball star-schema methodologies on Microsoft technologies
  • Must have
  • ·At least 10+ years production experience building data warehouses and dimensional data models from relational models

Preference to

  • Production experience working with at least 3 modern modelling tools - on premise and / or in the cloud (e.g., MS SQL, Analysis Services, Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics)
  • Production experience building start-schema dimensional data warehouses (e.g., SQL Server on Premise, Azure SQL variants, Azure Synapse Analytics)
  • Production experience building user friendly self-service Data Models using modern visualisation tools (e.g., Power BI, Analysis Services)
  • Production experience building developer friendly technical Data Models using modern visualisation tools (e.g., SQL Views, Analysis Services, Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, Power BI Apps, Power BI)
  • Production experience working with DAX modelling measures (e.g., Power BI, Analysis Services, Dax Studio)
    • Production experience building Dashboards - particularly for dev-testing self-service or technical dimensional models and to engage peer and subordinate Report Writers and Dashboard Builders (e.g., Power BI Desktop, Excel)



  • ·Working knowledge with data from a variety of mainstream source systems (e.g., SAP, Oracle EBS, Salesforce, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, Office 365, SQL based Systems)
  • ·Working knowledge Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Lineage
  • ·Working knowledge with public data, non-relational data, unstructured data, streaming data to enriching dimensional models
  • ·Working knowledge with Hybrid Cloud and non- Microsoft Azure Cloud (e.g., Google, AWS)
  • ·Working knowledge with related technologies (e.g., IoT, Edge, Big data, Data Lakes, Data Streaming, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics)
  • Experience building effective CI/CD tools and processes (ie. Devops, Github) Non-Technical
  • Stakeholder influence: The ability to clearly communicate your work and ultimately provide confidence to drive change in a business
  • Business insight: The ability to understand complex business processes and break down fuzzy requirements into actionable segments
  • Translating business requirements into technical ones
  • Leading BI software development, deployment, and maintenance
  • Coaching and training: The ability to collaborate effectively with both the client and team members - sharing your experience and helping others to grow their skillset


•Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent experienced

•If you have any Microsoft Certification, you’re one step ahead.

Personal Traits:

  • Friendly and easy going
  • Goal oriented
  • Passionate about problem solving
  • Team-oriented
  • Good communicator
  • Self-motivated
  • Deadline-orientated


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