Job Description


Directs and manages operational and financial audits. Plans and schedules
audits, staffs and coordinates audit teams, and establishes work standards and procedures for the inspection and appraisal of financial and operational records and controls. Typically requires a thorough knowledge of the organization''s audit systems, as well as up-to-date technical expertise and experience in audit practices.
Perform regular independent financial and operational management audits in accordance with external audit guidelines to identify exceptions to operating procedures and standards, identify reasons for their occurrence and develops specific solutions or recommendations to achieve compliance.


Audit Compliance
Lead the planning and execution of audit activities across the national organization, ensuring that the level of audit intervention is commensurate with business risk and that key areas of risk are prioritized. Identify organization-wide issues, proposing appropriate business process or system improvements. Develop individual internal audit plans and detailed scope, deliver the fieldwork, report findings and opinions, agree on corrective actions with process owners, and refer serious or contentious issues to line managers.
Ensure that relevant governance committees are informed of significant issues and the actions being taken to resolve these.

Financial Policies, Guidelines, and Protocols
Contribute to the development and delivery of financial policies, guidelines, and protocols to ensure the company complies with regulations and good financial practice. Create a plan to deliver and review financial policies and guidelines on a regular basis in alignment with regulations and good financial practice.

Operational Compliance
Identify, within different teams and subsidaries, instances of non-compliance with the organization''s policies and procedures and operational processes. Ensure that business activities within the area of responsibility comply with relevant external regulatory and/or voluntary codes to minimize business risk and to protect the reputation of the organization.

Data Collection and Analysis
Make authoritative recommendations that have a significant impact on the business over the short and long term. Recommendations could be technical or professional in nature.

Insights and Reporting
Set and lead execution of the data and analytics reporting plan, creating strategies and templates to report data in a meaningful way. Create, present, and communicate high-impact data and analytics insights and recommendations to critical internal and external stakeholders.

Functional Strategy Formation
Contribute to the formation of a key element of functional strategy through specialist expertise and insights, to ensure that the strategy meets business needs.

Leadership and Direction
Identify and communicate the actions needed to implement the function''s strategy and business plan within the business area or department; explain the relationship to the broader organization''s mission, vision and values; motivate people to commit to these and to doing extraordinary things to achieve local business goals.

Organizational Capability Building
Use the organization''s formal development framework to identify the team''s individual development needs. Plan and implement actions, including continuing professional development specified by professional or regulatory institutions, to build their professional capabilities. Provide informal training or coaching to others throughout the organization in own area of expertise to enable others to improve performance and fulfill personal potential.

Information and Business Advice
Provide specialist advice on the interpretation and application of policies and procedures, resolving complex or contentious queries and issues and enabling others to take appropriate actions.

Develop and/or deliver budget plans with guidance from senior colleagues.

Performance Management
Manage and report on the performance of a substantial, diverse team; set appropriate performance objectives for direct reports or project / account team members and hold them accountable for achieving these; take appropriate corrective action where necessary to ensure the achievement of team / personal objectives

Technical Competencies: 

Action Planning
Applies expertise to act as the organizational authority on developing appropriate plans or performing necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements.

Planning and Organizing
Uses expertise to act as organizational authority on planning, organizing, prioritizing and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives.

Data Collection and Analysis

Acts as the organizational authority and established expert on analyzing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making.

Compliance Management
Uses comprehensive knowledge and skills to act independently while guiding and training others on achieving full compliance with applicable rules and regulations in management and/or operations.

Data Control
Acts as the organizational authority and established expert on acquiring, organizing, protecting and processing data to fulfill business objectives.

Policy and procedures
Uses expertise to act as the organizational authority on developing, monitoring, interpreting and understanding policies and procedures, while making sure they match organizational strategies and objectives.

Policy and Regulation
Works independently and provides guidance and training to others while interpreting and applying comprehensive knowledge of laws, regulations and policies in area of expertise.

Review and Reporting
Applies comprehensive knowledge and skills to work independently while providing guidance and training to others on reviewing and creating relevant, lucid and effective reports.

Applies expertise to act as the organizational authority on conducting financial audits, identifying exceptions and developing specific solutions or recommendations.

Computer Skills
Acts as the organization''s authority and established expert on understanding and using standard office equipment and standard software packages to support business processes.

Policy Development and Implementation
Uses comprehensive knowledge and/or skills to develop and implement policies while providing guidance and training to others.

Applies comprehensive knowledge and skills to work independently while providing guidance and training to others on creating relevant, lucid and effective reports.

Strategic Planning
Applies comprehensive knowledge and/or skills to independently engage in strategic planning.

General Education
University / Post Graduate (Masters Degree preferred)

General Experience
7 to 10 years’ extensive auditing experience

Managerial Experience
Minimum 5 years’ experience of interpreting strategy and policy in order to set and deliver objectives within medium to long time frames

Market related salary

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