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Entry Level
First-Level Management
Mid-Level Management
Technical & Engineering
Senior/Exec Management


Professional CV Writing

Mid-Level Management
(10 - 20 years)

This CV is ideal for a professional with 10-20 years of experience. Experienced in directing people, managing operations and projects, budgets and projects. May have a Master's Degree. (Cost: R1499)





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I am very, very satisfied with the result of my CV editing. The person who did this really knows what they are doing, I have the impression that all my comments were read thoroughly and implemented in a very intelligent way. This was the best investment I have made in a while. A big thank you to the writer! -Petronella Williams, Mpumalanga

The service is quick and easy to use and I am delighted with my new CV and LinkedIn Profile. -Mr S. Khumalo, Midrand

As a recent graduate, I struggled to compile a CV and this service has helped me a great deal. With a brand new CV and a well written covering letter, I am more confident to send my CV out there and begin my career! -Janet Freeman, Port Elizabeth

Wow!!...My new CV is simply just amazing. I am now confident to show-off my brand new CV in the job market. Thank you Vincent Hoy, Senior Accounting and Finance Professional


Professional CV Writing Service in South Africa

If you want to get hired, your curriculum vitae (CV) is the most crucial document you can bring to the attention of hiring managers. Writing a strong CV that showcases your talents, personality, experience, and certifications in a professional setting is not an easy process.

Those just entering the job market can benefit greatly from hiring a company that offers professional CV writing services.


Why a professionally crafted CV is important

The curriculum vitae (CV) you submit with your job application is the first chance you have to make a good impression, whether you are applying for your first job, a new career, or a promotion within the same organization.

It's what the hiring manager will remember about you after they've read your resume and cover letter but before they meet you in person. An effective and well-organized curriculum vitae should not be underestimated.

You should be hired immediately for any available position. Your resume should emphasize the fact that you are the best candidate.

It is imperative that your written presentation of abilities, character, and experience conveys these qualities effectively to the reader. It will determine whether or not your application is moved to the interview or rejection queue.

Professional CV and resume writers evaluate and produce documents on a daily basis, so they are well-versed in the preferences of recruiters, talent managers, and hiring experts.

They are well-versed in the best presentation styles, formats, layouts, font selections, colours, and templates to get you noticed and invited for an interview. Professional CV writers can help you get beyond computerized application tracking systems (ATS) and into the hands of a human reader.

We craft professional CVs for people in a range of different fields, including chemical engineering, civil Engineering , mechanical Engineering and data engineering to mention a few.

Defining a Successful CV

The format of your CV should be one of your first considerations as you work to create the perfect one. Before it's even read, it needs to grab attention with its format to stand out from the crowd.

Consider what you want to jump out to a potential employer when they look at your resume. Select a few that you feel will most appeal to your ideal employer. The flexibility of a CV is also important.

Similarly, you should tailor your resume to each position you apply for. Not every application requires a whole new document, but you should be prepared to make minor adjustments to your CV in order to highlight the abilities and experience most relevant to the position you're applying for.

Provide relevant personal details

While every individual is unique and their CV should reflect that, there are some standard components that should be included in each application. Include your name, date of birth, gender, nationality, and contact information in any resume or curriculum vitae you create.

List all your skills and work experience

As a given, you should highlight your experience, education, and certifications. This part, too, needs to be flexible.

Outline your qualifications, experience, and previous positions in reverse chronological order, beginning with your current or most recent position. Potential employers care about what you've been up to recently. Additionally, check that all time frames have been considered.

Provide a summary of who you are

Many people don't include one, but a short description about themselves (or an introductory paragraph) is a great idea. This is a fantastic alternative to the boring formality of detailing your education and work history, and it can help you stand out from the crowd.

At the end of the day, it will be YOU, not your resume that will determine whether or not you get the job.

In other words, it's only a means to a goal. Maintaining your competitive edge requires that you take all measure necessary, including developing a resume that showcases your qualifications to their fullest.

Key Elements Every Good CV Should Contain

Employment history

Ensure that this information is filled out in reverse chronological order. Dates, places, and employers, as well as your current position, should be included. Highlight your most significant accomplishments and, once again, use terms of a positive nature.

Academic accomplishments

Include the names, dates, and locations of each school, college, or university you attended in the sequence in which you attended them.

Make sure to highlight your education and any additional certifications you may have, such those in health and safety or first aid, in your resume. Anything that shows you're qualified for the job in question is a plus.

Personal interests

Include hobbies and pursuits here that demonstrate your suitability for the position and highlight your best qualities. In addition, if you participate in any sports or fitness activities, be sure to mention them. Add any examples of teamwork accomplishments you may have.


Two references should be listed at the end of your CV. Include your present or prior job if you can guarantee they will provide you with a good review. You should be selective in who you list as a reference, and you should get their permission before doing so.

Why Executive Placements is Considered among the Best CV Writing Services in South Africa

Executive Placements is a privately held company, maintains complete autonomy, and conducts business on a global scale.

The company conducts business not only in South Africa and the United Kingdom but also across much of Africa and the Middle East. Executive Placements is geared specifically toward executives who are currently working in senior management positions.  

Executive Placements is a job board that is geared only toward candidates at the executive level. As such, when you register with Executive Placements, some of the most prominent executive recruiters will have access to the information you provide.

You will only need to maintain your information up to date in a single location after you become a member of Executive Placements. From that location, a number of different executive search firms will be able to see your profile.

Executive Placements has already been entrusted by more than 1000 professionals in South Africa with advancing their career.

Executive Placements works closely with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the professional written CV crafted especially for you, and provides their clients with access to unlimited changes within the first month of receiving your first draft.