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Jobs in South Africa

Executive Placements is the leading job portal in South Africa.
With our comprehensive online platform we are well equipped to connect high level candidates with the positions that they most desire.
Likewise, we are able to connect the best and most suited candidates with organisations that require excellent calibre candidates offering each client a tailored recruitment solutions.

Why are we SA’s trusted job search portal

Executive Placements job search portal has been operating over 12 years in the South African market. In that time over 5 million candidates have registered on the job portal to receive job alerts notifying them of the latest vacancies in South Africa.

Over 2.6 million candidates have registered a full profile and CV which 1000’s of recruiters are able to access and search through using the latest search technologies to be able to identify the most suitable candidates for the various roles that they are working on.

Over 130 million job alerts are sent off every month in South Africa to Alert candidates of the latest job vacancies that match their requirements.

Over 1.5 million unique job seekers visit the Executive Placements job portal every month searching for their next career move.

Over 50,000 candidates register a full profile on Executive Placements job board every month.

Advantages of registering your CV on the Executive Placements job board

Career profiles of Executives Directors, Non-Executive Directors, senior managers and niche skilled candidates can register on the portal so that their CV are exposed to and accessed by the most prestigious recruiters, Executive Search firms and headhunters which operate at this level.

At the same time we are POPIA compliant and take every precaution to preserve sensitive information and maintain the confidentiality of all communique that occurs during the hiring process.

The prominence of our database means that high level executives and those in upper management have an excellent field of scope in which to advance their career growth.

Using advanced search options, you can narrow your online job advertisement search to those positions that interest you. Location, education, experience, pay, keyword, and a slew of other factors can all be sorted on the job search portal.

As a result of niche job boards like Executive Placements, it has never been easier to find exactly what you're looking for in terms of employment opportunities. You might benefit from our CV writing services.

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Executive Placement Job Search Proprietary Technology offers

Advanced search features have been designed and developed so recruiters can quickly and easily search through the 2.6+ million candidates database to identify candidates with the skills and experience that they are searching for.

Our job matching technology ensures that candidates receive job alerts of the most relevant jobs that match their skill, experience, salary expectations and location.

Executive Placements Candidates Tracking System (CTS)

Using the built in CTS of Executive Placements simplifies and speeds up the hiring process. Some of the most demanded features are:

Being able to transfer candidates directly from the 2.6+ million CV database directly into the company’s talent pool by a click of a button

Recruiters, hiring managers and line managers can collaborate on all jobs seamlessly using the cloud based technology.

Recruiters can make confidential notes easily on all candidates and interview questions.

All correspondence with candidates can be tracked.

Recruiters can rank candidates from zero to five stars.

Recruiters can track where each applications has been received from.

Executive Placements Career Pages for companies

It is imperative today that candidates have a good experience when applying for work at a company. This not only effects whether the candidate will accept a job at the company now or in the future but how the candidate will interact with the company as a client.

Often companies do not have a special career section on their website which helps to communicate with candidates and streamline the application process.

Executive Placements recruitment technology offers a simple, seamless integration which gives companies powerful recruitment tools without having to develop this kind of technology inhouse.

Data Insights

Jobs Near Me

Our jobs near me feature not only looks at a person's skills and experience but also looks at where a person lives or is located to find the closest jobs to that location which matches the candidates skill set.

Executive Placements also has a data insights team that can offer invaluable information to clients. AN example of such information could be for a bank or insurance company which requires a number of very niche skills. Our data team can identify which companies are attracting and maintaining the most skilled and difficult to acquire staff in the market place.

What are the benefits of working with Executive Placements job portal
  • A dedicated and hands on Accounts Manager focused on providing your team with custom support
  • Comprehensive usage reports and meaningful analytics and insights
  • API integration to any Candidate Tracking System (CTS) / Application Tracking System (ATS)
Why work in South Africa

South Africa is a country with over 60 million people  and according to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) the official national unemployment rate stand at 34.5%.

At the same time the Department of Home Affairs publishes a critical skills list shortage for South Africa, which covers the skills which are in short supply in the country.

To name just a few a few of the skills on this list are actuaries, nurses, engineers, scientists and software developers.


People who have these skills can even apply for special visas and apply for jobs within the country.

What makes the opportunity of living in South Africa interesting is that professionals and generally everyone on the critical skill shortage list get paid about the same amounts that they would be paid in a first world country however the cost of living in South Africa is substantially less so one could end up having a very high standard of living.


For example the cost of the average property in Sandton is R2.8 million rand while Sandton is one of the most exclusive suburbs to live in Johannesburg. The average CA(SA) in South Africa would earn about R650K per year and assuming a tax rate of 45% would be left with R357K. Assuming no other expenses they would pay this house off in about 7 years while a similar calculation performed in the UK would take someone over 30 years to pay off their property.

Obviously before comparing living in South Africa to other countries one would also need to evaluate the crime rate, education system and overall work life balance.


There are a number of places one could choose to live and work and we have compiled a comprehensive guide about the advantages and opportunities working in Cape Town and Johannesburg.


What is an online job portal?

People looking for work can publish their resumes and apply to as many positions as they would like to which match their qualifications and experience. The significance of online employment boards is that there is a never-ending supply of potential employers waiting to be discovered.

How do you  hire using a job portal?

Job Portals like Executive Placements are simple to use. Register an account on the platform, start your job posting by writing an effective job description, and wait for applications to arrive. Alternatively register to get direct access to be able to search through the CV database to headhunt the perfect candidate.

What is the best job search site in South Africa?

Executive Placements is considered to be one of the best job search site in South Africa for high-level executives and upper management level candidates. Executive Placements has more than 2.5+ million visitors to its platform per month and is able to connect candidates with the best positions through its tailored job search packages. With Executive Placements partner websites one can attract candidates at all levels and across all industries.

Should I register my CV on a job portal?

One should only register a CV on a trusted job portal. Only if a recruiter can find your cv and connect with you will they be able to put you forward for a position which may drastically improve ones career.