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Executive Placements Job Alerts


Executive Placements offers our users the option to sign up to daily email job alerts.

Be the first to alerted to jobs as they come in every day, so as not to miss any opportunity.

Learn more about job alerts below:


Why sign up to job alerts?

Every day around 400-500 new jobs are posted onto the platform. In order to be notified of these jobs the day they come in, its recommended to sign up for email alerts.
Most of our users use Executive Placements on their mobile phones. This way you can alerted immediately a job comes in that matches your profile.

What types of job alerts are there?

There are two types of job alerts:

The first are daily alerts that match your CV. These are the most accurate as we are able to parse your full CV to match jobs most effectively. These can be turned on or off above next the text that says: 'Daily alert - Matches your CV to jobs'

The second type of email alerts are those where you specifically key in a job title and location. These can be created or edited on this page below the CV job alert.
These job alerts are based on the job title you key in only, so may not match as accurately compared to your CV. They are useful, however, if you want to broaden your match to jobs that might not match your CV.

How does job matching work?

Before each email is sent out, our job matching technology uses advanced AI to find the best jobs that match your profile. We include synonyms such as CEO and Chief Executive Officer to ensure all matching jobs are covered.

How do I unsubscribe from job alerts?

You can unsubscribe from job alerts at any time.

On this page, simply delete any job alert you no longer require. You can also turn off the job alert that matches your CV.

In addition, you can click on the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any of emails you receive from us. On the landing page, you can choose to delete your account entirely (ie your CV and all information we hold about you, or only the extra job alerts you have entered.