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3+ million
visitors a month

90+ million
job alerts

2.6 million
searchable cvs

5+ million
registered candidates

30+ applications
per job


Two Jobs

  • 30 day branded job posting
  • Full CTS access and email responses
  • Email alerts included
  • Use within one month



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Single Job

  • 30 day branded job posting
  • Full CTS access and email responses
  • Email alerts included
  • Use within one month


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Three Jobs

  • 30 day branded job posting
  • Full CTS access and email responses
  • Email alerts included
  • Use within one month



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Hiring packages
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Searchable CV Database of over 2.6 million cvs. Full CTS suite.

One of the Best Online Job Advertising Platforms in South Africa


In terms of South Africa's employment market, Executive Placements is one of the best places for candidates to search for vacancies across the country.
We can match top-tier job seekers with the employment opportunities they desire thanks to our comprehensive online platform.
Employers in need of custom recruitment solutions can also count on us to customise a recruitment package to meet their requirements and assist them to source the best candidates for their firm.

Here, we’ll explain how to find an employee by advertising jobs online.

Why post jobs online on Executive Placements?

Executive Placements is a trusted and reputable source for millions of candidates searching for a new career in South Africa. If you're looking for high-level candidates to help you grow your business, we can help.

Over 2.5 million candidates visit Executive Placements job board every month looking for a new career.

Over 10,000 job vacancies are advertised on the Executive Placements job portals every month. These jobs get viewed more than 3.3 million times and each job gets viewed on average over 470 times.

Over 160,000 job applications are processed a month on the Executive Placements job board which equates to an average of over 50 job applications for every job which is posted.

A further 250,000 visitors are transferred to other Candidate Tracking Systems (CTS) where the candidates can complete the application process on various company websites.

Executive Placements job portal has a wide network of partners so if you post a job for any level across any industry you will receive surplus high calibre candidates to choose from.

Once a job is posted our proprietary matching technology matches the position to the most suitable candidates that have registered on the job portal. Every month over 130 million job alerts are sent out in South Africa notifying candidates of the latest vacancies that are available. The matching technology matches jobs to candidates based on skills, experience, location and salary expectation.

The jobs posted are also distributed to a network with over 20 job aggregators so even more candidates can be notified of the position. They are also posted on social media and Google job search.

Useful Resources:
Our optional CV search

When signing up to Executive Placements to recruit candidates one can also opt for the CV search option. This allows recruiters to search directly through the database of over 2.6 million searchable CVs. This allows a recruiter to headhunt the exact candidate they are searching for by typing in specific skills, qualifications and experience that the recruiter is searching for.

 Advertising jobs online is a more effective process especially using our Candidates Tracking System (CTS)

The screening, filtering, and sorting of candidate data and CVs may be accomplished with only a few clicks of the mouse, which would significantly speed up the hiring process. The procedure of accepting or rejecting applicants one by one can be streamlined with online recruitment, and the requirement to manually enter applicants’ data can be eliminated entirely with this method.

You might also be interested to know that we offer professional CV writing services.

Executive Placement job portal has a build in Candidate Tracking system which enables recruiters to manage their applications easily.

Recruiters, hiring managers and line managers can collaborate on all jobs seamlessly using the cloud based technology.

Recruiters can make confidential notes easily on all candidates and interview questions.

All correspondence with candidates can be tracked.

Recruiters can rank candidates from zero to five stars.

Recruiters can track where each applications has been received from.

You are able to  market tailored recruitment content

You have the ability to develop dynamic content, which could help build up your employer brand in a way that is successful in attracting top talent and boosting corporate culture.

Job search boards like those at Executive Placements allow you to integrate your hiring strategy in an effective way that will drive your job search towards  attracting the best candidates in the market.


What is the best website to post a job?

Executive Placements is considered the best place to post a job for executive level candidates and those in upper management. Executive Placements is able to locate specialised, high-level individuals and pair them with the best possible placements for their level specific expertise. However through our partner network we are also able to attract all level of candidates across all industries.

How do I create an online job posting?

To create an online job posting, simply select the best job advertisement package for your needs. Each package at Executive Placements comes with a 30-day branded job posting, as well as full Candidate Tracking System (CTS) access and regular email alerts.

How much does a job ad cost?

The cost of a job ad will depend on the specific recruitment package you select, and range from R1 487.50 to R3 937.50.