Earthmoving Dieselmech
Rustenburg, North-west
1 day ago

Salary: Market Related for the right person

My International client needs an Earthmoving Diesel mechanic to work on a mine in Rustenburg.

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Vehicle Sales Cadet
1 day ago

Salary: R5 500 Monthly

Vehicle Sales Cadet (Learnership) - Rustenburg, North West

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Admin Controller
2 days ago

The Administration controller will be responsible to perform clerical information processing tasks and activities associated with the update and maintenance of Store Operations records and registers. The Administration controller will also need to attend to general office applications with respect to the provision of routine procedural information.

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Supervisor (Opencast)
2 days ago

Supervisor (Opencast) required to ensure the safe and effective management of employees, ore, equipment and material in the specific area of responsibility to achieve the operational plan.

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ADT Operator
2 days ago

Operate ADT in open pit mining environment.

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Senior Plant Manager (With Trade Certificate)
2 days ago

SENIOR PLANT MANAGER needed for permanent postion based in Rustenburg, NWP.Must have a Diesel Mechanic/ Earthmoving Equipment Mechanic trade Section 13 or 26(d).**South African Citizens and those living in the area will be preferred**

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Insurance Sales Consultant
3 days ago


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3 days ago

Our client is looking for an Administrator / Buyer to join their company in Rustenburg

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Code 14 Truck Driver
6 days ago

Code 14 Driver Needed for private company in Rustenburg

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CAD Operator
6 days ago

We are seeking a skilled CAD Operator with expertise in Autodesk Inventor to join our dynamic engineering team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating, modifying, and managing detailed 2D and 3D models of mechanical components and systems. This role requires a keen eye for detail, strong technical skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with engineers and designers.

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The Complete Guide to Jobs in Rustenburg

Rustenburg is known for platinum mining, rich history and stunning bushveld surroundings. With the natural beauty surrounding this area, it has become a great getaway from the busy cities nearby. It is about 110 km away from both Johannesburg and Pretoria. In North West province, South Africa, Rustenburg is the most populous city (626,522 in 2016). Rustenburg is located at the foot of the Magaliesberg mountain range. A total of ZAR 63.8 billion were generated by the city in 2017, accounting for 21.1% of North West Province's GDP and 1.28 percent of South Africa's GDP. The mining industry accounted for 74.6 percent of the city’s GDP.

An interesting part of the history of Rustenburg is that the Boers and Tswana found the Matebele a common enemy. The Tswana and Boers planned together and worked toward defeating the Matebele from a Sotho-Tswana kingdom to the south, and together, they defeated the Matebele.

After many violent military conflicts with other African chiefdoms, they believed they could rest ("rusten" in Dutch) in this settlement, whose name literally means "Resting Town".

What are the Main Job Opportunities in Rustenburg?

Rustenburg, a city located in the North West Province of South Africa, is known for its booming mining industry and rich platinum reserves. The mining industry has helped the growth of jobs in Rustenburg in many different industries making Rustenburg a popular choice for job seekers.

Mining Jobs in Rustenburg

The mining industry is undoubtedly the main source of employment in Rustenburg. With large platinum mines such as Impala Platinum, Lonmin Platinum and Anglo American Platinum operating in the area, there are numerous jobs available for geologists, engineers, miners, technical jobs and administrative staff.

SHEQ Jobs in Rustenburg

With a large mining industry, the Health and Safety is very important for safety in mining. A SHEQ advisor holds the responsibility of ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations, as well as environmental and quality control standards, both on-site and within construction firms. They also ensure adherence to applicable health and safety laws and identify any necessary training in regard to occupational health and safety within the workplace. With so much mining in the area, finding a SHEQ job can be a relatively easy task.

Manufacturing Jobs in Rustenburg

Besides mining, manufacturing is another major industry in Rustenburg. The city has several factories producing goods like food products, for example BSM Chilli House, building products like FB Crane Builders and chemicals from Rustenburg Chemicals which "is a manufacturer of chemical reagents based in Rustenburg, North-west Province in the Republic of South Africa. We manufacture chemical reagents for Mining mineral flotation and flocculants." for the mining industry. These factories require workers with various skills such as machine operators, production supervisors and quality control personnel.

Retail Jobs in Rustenburg

As a growing city with a population of over 600 000 people, there is a high demand for consumer goods in Rustenburg. This has led to the growth of the retail jobs in Rustenburg which offers jobs in supermarkets, malls and small businesses as cashiers, sales assistants and managers.

Construction Jobs in Rustenburg

Where there is a demand for mining products there would ultimately be a demand for staff, resulting in the development of new residential and commercial areas in Rustenburg, companies like Blue Ladder, and a leading construction company in Rustenburg, which has been given a 4.7 star on, and Mashele Construction.  These companies keep the economy growing with workers such as carpenters, bricklayers and electricians to build homes and infrastructure.

Healthcare Jobs in Rustenburg

With an increasing population comes an increased need for healthcare services. Rustenburg has several

Government hospitals and exceptional private hospitals like Life Peglerae Hospital which is named after a beautiful indigenous aloe.

Education Jobs in Rustenburg

As a growing city, Rustenburg has a high demand for teachers and other education professionals. The city has numerous public and private.  There are approximately 80 schools in the area, from Government, private, Christian and Muslim schools, providing jobs in education.

Pre Schools in Rustenburg

Smiley Kids in Rustenburg is lovely institution for preschoolers “raising the preschool benchmark” and concentrating on the launching children into the education system with confidence.

Primary School Jobs in Rustenburg

Sacred Hearts Private Primary School has been given 5 stars on Google. The school has an intense learning culture of arts, sports and community spirit.

College Jobs in Rustenburg

Rustenburg has no shortage of colleges.  With so much industry in the area there is a need for families, which leads to children and education.  A few are Orbit TVET CollegeNormansville College and College on Hills to name a few of the great college institutions.

Hospitality Jobs in Rustenburg

Rustenburg is a popular tourist destination, with attractions such as the Pilanesberg National Park and Sun City Resort located nearby. Creating a demand for jobs in Rustenburg in the hospitality industry, including hotel staff, tour guides, and restaurant workers.

FMCG Jobs in Rustenburg

FMCG are items bought often, used quickly, competitively priced, and sold in bulk. Additionally, they have a fast turnover rate while on the store shelves. Types of FMCG jobs can be found in processed foods, prepared meals, beverages, baked goods, fresh foods, frozen foods, dry goods and medicine.

Loock Pharmaceuticals, an FMCG company in Rustenburg, known for creating ReliSlim Today, a sensible slimming program and a range of FMCG products that address a spectrum of everyday health problems.  

Part of Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry is packaging.  Sack ‘n Pak, with a revenue of R20M, is situated in Rustenburg supplying packaging for FMCG, creating jobs in this diverse industry.

The Rustenburg farming area is one of the largest tobacco growing areas in South Africa. states “distribution channels for tobacco are cash & carries and warehouse clubs, convenience stores, department stores, e-retailers, hypermarkets & supermarkets, tobacco specialists, vending machines, and other general retailers”. A very popular FMCG industry that creates jobs in the area.

Additionally, there are medicines, cleaning products, cosmetics, toiletries and office supplies that make up FMCG, according to Investopedia.

Wherever you find people, you will find FMCG jobs.  Within the industry you can find jobs in sales and marketing, management, finance and accounting, operations, warehousing, packaging, administration, design and IT, just to name a few.

Financial Services Jobs in Rustenburg

As an economic hub in the North West Province, Rustenburg is home to many financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies like FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank. These companies require employees in various roles such as bankers, financial advisors, and customer service representatives.

Information Technology (IT) Jobs in Rustenburg

The digital age has brought about an increased need for IT services in all industries. Companies in Rustenburg are constantly looking for IT professionals to manage their systems, develop software applications and maintain their websites.

Transportation Jobs in Rustenburg

With its strategic location between Johannesburg and Botswana, Rustenburg is an important transportation hub. This creates job opportunities in the transportation sector such as truck drivers, logistics coordinators and mechanics.

Within the mining industry in the area, there is a nonstop demand for logistics and transportation jobs.

Engineering Jobs in Rustenburg

Aside from the mining industry, Rustenburg also has a thriving engineering sector. With various construction projects and infrastructure development happening in and around the town, there is a constant demand for engineers and related professionals such as architects and project managers.

Tourism & Hospitality Jobs in Rustenburg

Though Rustenburg is more of an industrial city, there are many places nearby to enjoy.

Other Useful Guides
What Activities are there to do in Rustenburg

 Apart from being a hub for various job opportunities, Rustenburg is also in a beautiful part of South Africa offering a range of activities to enjoy during your free time.

Explore the Natural Wonders

Rustenburg is an ideal place for nature lovers, surrounded by majestic mountains, scenic hiking trails, and stunning. The Magaliesberg Mountain Range is a popular spot for hiking and camping with its picturesque views and natural and diverse wildlife. You can also visit the Kgaswane Mountain Reserve which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area.

For those looking for some adrenaline-pumping activities, head over to Sun City, which is a mere 50km away, where you can indulge in various adventure sports such as zip-lining, quad biking, and hot air balloon rides the man-made wave pool and of course the casino.

Immerse in Culture

Rustenburg has a rich cultural heritage that can be experienced through its museums like Paul Kruger Country House Museum and traditional villages. The Rustenburg Cultural Centre showcases the history and traditions of different ethnic groups living in the region through art exhibitions, craft markets, and traditional performances.

Where to Live in Rustenburg

Safari Gardens

Safari Gardens is a well-established residential area in Rustenburg that offers both affordable and luxurious housing options. This suburb is conveniently located close to major roads and highways. This neighborhood is popular for being within easy reach of excellent amenities such as schools, shopping centres, restaurants, and recreational facilities like parks and sports fields.

Waterfall East

Another sought-after area in Rustenburg is Waterfall East. A beautiful upmarket suburb which offers residents a peaceful lifestyle away from the rush of the city center while still being close enough to major business districts. The area has modern housing developments with lovely green spaces and scenic views of the Magaliesberg mountains.


Cashan is a rapidly growing suburb in Rustenburg that appeals to families due to its proximity to the town centre, schools and amenities.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get a Job in Rustenburg?

The growing economy offers numerous employment opportunities; it comes as no surprise that many people are interested in finding jobs in Rustenburg.

  1. Research the Job Market in Rustenburg

Thoroughly researching the job market is the first step. This includes understanding the industries that are prominent in Rustenburg and the types of jobs available. The major industries driving Rustenburg's economy include mining, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and services sector.

  1. Use online job portals

With technology at our fingertips, you can use online job portals such as Executive Placements to explore current job listings and understand what employers are looking for in candidates. Download your CV so employers can find you. Additionally, networking with individuals who work in your desired industry can give you valuable insights into the job market.

  1. Tailor Your Resume

Once you have identified your target industry and potential employers, it is essential to tailor your resume accordingly. Highlighting relevant skills and experiences that align with the job requirements can increase your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers.

How are salaries compared to the rest of South Africa?

Obviously, salaries are a major factor to consider when looking for a job. The first thing to note is that Rustenburg is one of the largest cities in the North West province and in the major mining hub. Many jobs in Rustenburg are related to the mining industry, which tends to offer higher salaries compared to other sectors.

According to statistics from Payscale, the average salary in Rustenburg for a nurse is R261,000 and for and electrician would be Ris R335,000 per year. This is slightly higher than the national average salary of R225,000 per year. It should be noted that these are only averages and there are significant variations depending on your industry, job level, skills and experience.

In terms of specific industries, as mentioned earlier, mining jobs tend to offer higher salaries due to their demand for specialized skills and qualifications.

One potential downside when comparing salaries in Rustenburg to other parts of South Africa is the cost of living. While housing prices may be lower compared to big cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town, other expenses such as food and transportation might be higher due to limited competition among suppliers and distance from major hubs.