Group Productivity Manager (Senior)

Location: CapeTown, South Africa
Salary: Annual package with benefits and bonus
Recruiter: Progressive Edge
Job Ref: spr22
Summary: Workforce Management Process & Systems



Job Description

Purpose of the Job:


The purpose of this role is to manage the Group Productivity Management function for the company, ensuring that productivity systems are in place with relevant data to enable optimal workforce planning.

Whilst working with business leaders and people partners, the role enhances resource reporting views to provide business with a workforce capacity view of daily, weekly and monthly, differentials between forecasts and actuals for current, new, and planned retail stores.

The role is accountable for optimizing the Workforce Management (WFM) end-to-end processes to continuously improve productivity through innovative technology solutions. Typical analysis undertaken includes time in motion studies, resource capacity optimisation modelling and predictive forecasts.


Job Objectives:

Employee Centric Delivery: Development, implementation, and oversight of the Group Productivity Strategy against agreed timeframes, budget and performance measures.

  • Overseeing labour standards used to inform the ratios inputted into the WFM system.
  • Overseeing the resource capacity forecasting, planning, scheduling, time, and attendance management processes and systems for the company.
  • Ensuring that scheduling and productivity management systems have optimal workflows, data, and reporting capabilities.
  • Leading productivity education and awareness initiatives to equip Executives, COOs, GMs, and People Partners with productivity tools and approaches and influence the adoption and development of workforce management.
  • Advising Executives, COOs, GMs, and People Partners to support the optimisation of store structures and maximisation of people resource productivity (including—but not limited to—business process stakeholders, project and change management teams, store design function, digital and systems development support).
  • Supporting Executives, COOs, GMs, and People Partners to build, maintain and optimise resource models to ensure best practice and to minimise costs.
  • Managing the provision of HR cost and productivity management advice as input into the development of business cases for new concepts/proposals and forecasting models.
  • Assessing and analysing current productivity management methods.
  • Redesigning and implementing productivity or resource optimisation initiatives and processes for key business functions.
  • Designing resource models and other resource cost-reduction strategies.
  • Managing the productivity and WFM quality-control procedures.

People (Self, Team & Organisational)

  • Developing and leading the Group Productivity team to deliver solutions and services to the business.
  • Driving enablement of an innovative, agile and employee-centric culture where employees are supported, empowered, and valued within the Group Productivity team.
  • Driving enablement of an employee wellness culture within the Group Productivity team to ensure that employees are supported mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Driving enablement of a culture of open and transparent communication within the Group Productivity team to ensure that employees are informed of developments timeously.

Financial, Reporting & BI Managing of Group Productivity costs whilst ensuring service delivery to the business.

  • Driving the collection and use of people and productivity data and business intelligence to transform the delivery of Group Productivity services.
  • Generating routine and adhoc productivity reports, dashboards, and presentations.

Governance & Compliance Ensuring that Group Productivity solutions and services comply with relevant labour relations frameworks and legislation.

  • Ensuring compliance to organisational and legislative governance frameworks and standards.
  • Ensuring the required governance and alignment of Group Productivity solutions and services within the company.
  • Managing identification and mitigation of group productivity risks.

Future-Fit Ensuring Group Productivity is appropriately structured and resourced to deliver on its mandate with the right people in the right roles with the right capabilities at the right time.

  • Ensuring integration and effective flow of work with other solution areas and business.
  • Identifying opportunities for continuous improvement in Group Productivity processes.
  • Identifying WFM technology solutions to be leveraged and support design, build and roll-out of the roadmap.


  • Degree in Human Resources, Industrial Engineering, Business Sciences or equivalent
  • Post Graduate Degree in Industrial Engineering, Business Sciences or equivalent - preferred


  • 8+ years in an equivalent role, leading and/or participating in Workforce Management system and solutions and guiding Group Productivity delivery, frameworks, policies, procedures, and guidelines

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Exposure to statutory requirements, applying and monitoring relevant laws, regulations, and best practices as they relate to Group Productivity, Labour, and Resourcing models.
  • Knowledge of HR policies, procedures, legislation, and regulations Proven track record of driving Group Productivity-related activities within a large, nationally/internationally distributed retail or call centre rostered/scheduled environment.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of trending best practices relating to Group Productivity, workforce optimisation models, time in motion studies, and related WFM systems.
  • Knowledge of Retail - understanding of the principles of sales/service capacity planning and optimised forecasting in the retail environment.



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