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Personal Assistant to CEO
3 days ago

Salary: 300 000

Lexdan Select is assisting an Investment Management company with their search for a PA to the ceo, based in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.

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NAM 416003 - General Manager / MD – Sandton
4 days ago

Salary: Market Related

General Manager / MD – Sandton

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Managing Director
4 days ago

Salary: R1,45 – R1,7 million pa

International film company.

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GROUP CEO - for Africa, based anywhere in SA/Africa (SUPPLY CHAIN/WAREHOUSE/LOGISTICS)
South Africa
9 days ago

Salary: R4 - R6M as guaranteed package plus bonus structure

Our client is seeking the services of a very experienced ceo to oversee a number of ceo’s in several East African countries. The position can be based either in South Africa or elsewhere in Africa, but extensive travel will be required if you are based in South Africa.

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Director:Operations (project-based contract)CEO Management(SAIMI)
12 days ago

Salary: Market related

Reporting to the ceo, the Director will provide overall direction and management of the internal ope

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Director Research knowledge Management and Innovation CEO Management SAIMI
12 days ago

Salary: Market related

SAIMI seeks to appoint a Research Director, to establish a research office that will facilitate an i

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16 days ago

ESCAP is a subsidiary of ESKOM. The ESCAP Chief Executive Officer will be responsible to manage the Eskom Captive Insurance Company’s business affairs as well as act in the best interest of the company. To establish and execute the company’s operating plan necessary to achieve the company objectives and to oversee the company operations according to the strategic plan, b...

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Personal Assistant to Managing Director
25 days ago

Personal Assistant (To Managing Director) - Stellenbosch - Western Cape

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Chief Executive Officer
29 days ago

Salary: R 150.000 to R 170.000 PM

Chief Executive Officer

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The complete guide to CEO jobs in South Africa


We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to CEO jobs in South Africa.

What does a CEO job in South Africa entail?

The chief executive officer’s (CEO’s) responsibilities might vary from one company to the next, based on factors including size, industry and organisational structure. The CEO of a smaller company is typically more involved in day-to-day operations and responsible for a wider range of business choices. But in larger businesses, the CEO usually primarily works with higher-level company strategy and directing the overall growth, while most other activities are given to other managers or separate divisions.

Other Useful Career Guides:
What career opportunities are there for CEO jobs?

Based on the responses of 50 CEOs from 10 different industries, KPMG South Africa and Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) have released their 2021 CEO Outlook. When asked to consider their plans and projections for the next three years, most executives expressed optimism about the countries' economic future.

According to the research, 82% of CEOs are optimistic about the country's future prospects, and general optimism is back to where it was before the epidemic hit in early 2020.

How to get a CEO job in South Africa

The CEO of a company holds a position of enormous authority and responsibility, along with substantial financial incentives. Most CEOs spend years of their lives working their way up the corporate ladder.

Many would-be chief executive officers will need to start their careers in lower management, supervising, accounting, or a related field. It takes around 10 years of management experience, gained through several executive roles, to qualify for most CEO posts.

How to become a CEO

There are a variety of routes to the top, but most CEOs have some university education, years of relevant experience, and strong business, management, and leadership qualities. Earn a four-year degree (or higher) in business, commerce, economics, or your intended field of work (such as architecture). Three years of full-time study are typically required for this.

Think about getting a Master's Degree in a related field, like Business Administration, to further your career (MBA). Get promoted inside your organisation or gain experience as a leader in a variety of industries. Most CEOs have held other executive-level positions first.

Pros and cons of being a CEO

Having a lot of freedom is a major perk of being a CEO. The board of directors can provide direction, but they typically won't specify how that direction should be carried out. CEOs also benefit greatly from financial rewards. The CEO of a corporation typically earns the most money of anyone who works there. CEOs can profit from increased visibility and credibility as a result of their positions as CEO. This can lead to increased work opportunities and higher pay. 

Because you're in charge and can't blame others when things go wrong, being CEO can expose your vulnerabilities and mistakes. Personal pressure, long hours, travel, and stress often compound professional strain.

Frequently asked questions

Is CEO a good career?

Yes. The rewards can be extremely high, but so are the challenges and stress factors.

Are CEOs in demand?

There will be a greater need for great leadership and chief executive officers (CEO’s) in 2022 as the local economy is expected to rise by roughly  two percent and the promise of a more robust global economy prompts businesses to seek out opportunities for growth and transformation.

How much does a CEO earn?

In South Africa, CEOs typically earn R 1 500 006.. Annual salaries range from R600,000 for entry level professions to R10,200,000 or more for the most experienced personnel.