Process Engineer
2 days ago

Salary: R23000

To monitor and control process parameters.

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Draughtsman (Sheet Metal Fabrication)
4 days ago

Salary: 17000 Monthly

Well-established engineering/Steel Fabrication business seeks Draughtsman with sound knowledge of Solid works software.

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Production Supervisor
15 days ago

Salary: Monthly

Our client in the Medical Device industry is currently looking for a Production Supervisor to be based in Durban, KZN

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Data Engineering jobs Durban

What is a data engineer?

The need for data engineers who can collect and manage massive amounts of data has arisen as a result of the proliferation of "big data," which is revolutionizing the commercial world.

Systems for large-scale data collection, storage, and analysis are the focus of data engineering. It's a wide area that has relevance in countless sectors.

Organizations can collect vast volumes of data, but only if they have the necessary people and tools to clean and prepare it so that it can be put to good use by data scientists and analysts.

Working as a data engineer can provide you the chance to make a real difference, while also making the life of data scientists easier. Without data engineers to analyse and channel that data, fields like machine learning and deep learning would not be as successful as they are today. Explore the range of data engineering jobs in Durban.


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Employment opportunities in the data engineering sector in Durban

Data engineers in Durban are employed in a wide range of industries to develop systems for the collection, management, and transformation of raw data into information that can be interpreted by data scientists and business analysts.

Their end goal is to make data easily accessible so that businesses can use it for self-analysis and improvement.

As a generalist, you may be asked to take on a wider range of data-related responsibilities in a company of a smaller size.

Larger businesses often employ teams of data engineers, some of whom specialize in designing and constructing data pipelines while others manage data warehouses by, among other things, importing data and designing table schemas to keep track of its many locations.

Working in this industry has the potential to be both a fulfilling and difficult endeavour. As you make it simpler for data scientists, analysts, and decision-makers to access the information they need to conduct their jobs, you will play a crucial role in the organization's success.

Your ability to solve problems and program effectively will be put to the test as you develop scalable solutions.

Demand for data engineers is guaranteed as long as there is data to be processed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How much does a data engineer earn in Durban?

The average data engineer salary in Durban is R 1 015 000 per year or R 521 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 430 004 per year.


2.      Is it easy to find a data engineering job in Durban?

Yes, demand for data engineers is guaranteed as long as there is data to be processed.


3.      What is the best way to find a data engineering job in Durban?

Executive Placements, a specialized job board, provides the most promising opportunities in Durban for experienced data engineers.