Production Manager

Salary: 1000000 Annually

Rapid growing technology company that specializes in developing cutting-edge solar solutions. With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, the company is committed to revolutionizing the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. We offer a wide range of services, including software development, digital marketing, and AI-driven solutions.

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Project Engineer
1 day ago

A multinational corporation has an exciting opportunity for a project engineer who has strong mechanical design and leadership skills. If you are looking for an opportunity to join a market leader in the liquid packaging industry and have a proven track record of delivering projects in line with project management principles this is for you.

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Industrial Engineer
1 day ago

A leading player in the renewable energy sector, committed to pioneering sustainable solutions that drive the transition to a greener future, is seeking a dynamic and talented Industrial Engineer to join their innovative team. Where you will be contributing to the optimization of their manufacturing processes in the renewable energy sector

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Project Manager
2 days ago

Salary: 540 000 Annually

A dynamic and innovative leader in the packaging industry is seeking an experienced and results-driven Project Manager to join their growing team. They are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and design and looking for a talented individual to lead their New Product Development projects

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Project Technician
6 days ago

Salary: 300 000 Annually

Are you seeking an exciting new career move? A leading energy company is looking to expand its team where you will be responsible for managing offshore projects, electrical designs, install, and commission automation projects.

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Sales Engineer
7 days ago

Salary: 550000 Annually

This company’s philosophy revolves around people, sincerity and commitment to fundamental values. The primary goal is centered on meeting the needs of customers and delivering optimal HVAC solutions. Are you a driven individual ready to form an integral part of the team and being involved in supporting the development of the brand? Join now! Top of Form.

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Quality Assurance Coordinator
8 days ago

Salary: 240000 Annually

Are you someone who prioritizes and values quality? This company, as a leader in the market, possesses expertise and maintains robust connections with key clients in the industry. You will be responsible for upholding quality standards, conducting product inspections and providing support for quality control.

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Sales Development Representative
8 days ago

Salary: 144 000 Annually

Do you enjoy collaborating and engaging clients? This company stands out as a market leader in terms of both service and expertise. It maintains strong connections with significant clients in the industry. A proactive and self-motivated individual would contribute to this expanding team.

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Mechatronics Graduate Engineer
9 days ago

Attention Mechatronics graduates! Dive into an exciting career as a Mechatronics Graduate Engineer with a trailblazing company. Join a dynamic team committed to innovation through cross-disciplinary collaboration, kickstarting your adventure in shaping cutting-edge mechatronics design and engineering excellence.

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Electrician Manager
14 days ago

Salary: 360 000 Annually

A leading player in the HVAC industry, known for our commitment to excellence and innovation. With a strong track record of providing top-notch services to commercial and residential clients, is seeking a dedicated Electrician Manager to lead their electrical team

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Civil engineering jobs Cape Town

What is civil engineering?

A civil engineer is a subset of engineers who specialize in building and maintaining physical structures. Infrastructure projects requiring the expertise of civil engineers include roads, trains, and airfields.

They may spend time in the office during the project's planning phase, and then go on to construction sites to oversee the project's actual building and completion.

As a profession, civil engineering has a mix of government and private sectors, with some civil engineers employed by the government and others working for consultancy and construction firms serving private and public sector clients.

Knowing these technical areas is essential in civil engineering. A bachelor's degree in engineering is required to enter the sector, while most civil engineers also hold advanced degrees. Find out everything about civil engineering jobs in Cape Town below.

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Employment opportunities in the civil engineering sector in Cape Town

There is a scarcity of civil engineers in South Africa and Cape Town, putting this profession in particularly high demand.

As our nation's infrastructure ages, a greater need arises for trained civil engineers to maintain, upgrade, and create brand-new transportation systems, bridges, roads, buildings, and other public works.

Any business would benefit greatly from the civil engineer’s ability to think critically and solve problems. You should consider applying for these positions because of the competitive pay. Engineers have a unique outlet for artistic expression because they can incorporate a technical element.

Although civil engineering as a whole covers a wide variety of subfields, the exact tasks performed by each given civil engineer will depend on the area in which they are employed.

Therefore, architectural engineering, construction engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, and highway engineering are all fields where civil engineers might find work in Cape Town.

This city also has a busy international port which requires the special skills of civil engineers to ensure its maintenance and efficacy for the many imports and exports which it ships.

Why you should use Executive Placements to land your next civil engineering job in Cape Town

Executive Placements is widely regarded as the leading high-level recruiter and job board in the South African labour market. As a result, senior level civil engineers in Cape Town who are looking for jobs put their faith in Executive Placements.

Executive Placements provides a comprehensive online system that assists job seekers in finding employment that is appropriate for their level of expertise.

If your company wants specialized recruitment services, you may get assistance from this top recruiter who can help you find skilled workers.

Executive Placements publishes job openings in Cape Town with the objective of gaining the attention of the most qualified people. These candidates may include seasoned business leaders as well as those at senior management level.

People realize that when they need a resource for top-tier executive resumes, they should come to Executive Placements more than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What does a civil engineer earn in Cape Town?

In Cape Town, South Africa, a civil engineer can expect to earn a median annual salary of ZAR 570,234 and an hourly rate of ZAR 274. A civil engineer's income might be anywhere from ZAR 395,172 to ZAR 695,116 on average.

2.      Are there opportunities for civil engineers in Cape Town?

Yes, Cape Town has a high demand for civil engineers due to the ongoing need for infrastructure maintenance, new building requirements, and the maintenance of its harbour.

3.      How do I land a job as a civil engineer in Cape Town?

Executive level civil engineers in Cape Town who are looking to advance their career opportunities can rely on Executive Placements to match them with the best employers in their field.