Design Engineer (Municipal)
7 days ago

We are looking for a Design Engineer (Municipal) for a permanent role in Durban. The core purpose is to be responsible for the design and coordination of the civil infrastructure design on medium sized Municipal engineering projects.

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36 days ago

Salary: open

This position calls for an experienced manager with engineering/construction experience !!!

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Senior Materials Technician
21 days ago

Salary: 750000 Annually

Our client has a vacancies for Senior Materials Technicians within its Roads, Highway and Pavement engineering Division.

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Assistant Resident Engineer
28 days ago

Salary: 700000 Annually

Leading engineering consultancy seeking Assistant Resident Engineers for various projects around SA.

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68 days ago

Salary: Market Related

CLIENT in the CONSULTING engineering INDUSTRY requires the services of a civil DESIGN ENGINEER at their premises in DURBAN as soon as possible

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Civil Engineer
28 days ago

Salary: 650000 Annually

Our client is a multi-disciplinary company and is looking for a vibrant and dynamic young individual to join their civil engineering team.

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Senior Civil Engineer
28 days ago

Salary: 800000 Annually

Our client is a multi-disciplinary company and is looking for a vibrant and dynamic individual to join their civil engineering team as a Senior civil Engineer.

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Resident Engineer
28 days ago

Salary: 850000 Annually

civil engineering Consultancy has vacancies around SA for Professionally Registered civil Technologists/civil Engineers within its Roads, Highways and Pavement engineering Division.

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Civil Structural Architectural - Design - Gold Mine
22 days ago

Salary: R1.5 Million to R2 Million pa

civil Structural Architectural - Design - Gold Mine Saudi Arabia - with experience in Gold Mine Design

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Electrical Plant Engineer (Durban)
35 days ago

Salary: 550000 Annually

Durban based food manufacturing plant requires an Electrical Plant Engineer to report to the Maintenance the Maintenance Manager.

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Civil engineering jobs Durban

What is civil engineering?

Civil engineering has been around longer than any other branch of engineering. Much of what characterizes contemporary civilisation can be found in the constructed landscape.

Structural engineering is a fundamental part of civil engineering, and its most visible products—buildings and bridges—are generally the first things that come to mind when people think of engineering.

Transportation engineers are a subset of civil engineers who are responsible for the planning and construction of transportation infrastructure such highways, railways, subways, and airports.

These few instances show that civil engineers do far more than just plan and create structures like buildings and bridges.

They work in the aerospace business, designing space stations and airplanes; in the automotive industry, enhancing the crashworthiness of bumpers and doors; in the ship construction industry; in the power industry; and in many other fields where the design of built facilities is required.

And as construction managers, they're in charge of both the planning and execution of these projects.

Whether it's a finished bridge, high-rise building, metro station, or hydroelectric dam, civil engineers get to see the tangible fruits of their labour every day, which makes it one of the most exciting and satisfying professions.

Below we will explore civil engineering jobs in Durban.

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Employment opportunities in the civil engineering sector in Durban

A career in civil engineering can open doors not only in the construction industry, but also in management, finance, and other related fields in Durban.

A civil engineer's expertise is in high demand across many industries, but it is especially in demand in the construction industry, where they can work on a wide variety of buildings and other major structures, as well as in the transportation and communications sectors.

Companies that generate, transmit, and distribute water, gas, and electricity are also hiring. Numerous contractors and consultancies in Durban and throughout South Africa regularly have openings for local and international candidates.

Opportunities in Durban exist in the public sector, but private and non-profit companies of all sizes are hiring as well. Engineers in this field are in high demand by public agencies, government agencies, and environmental groups who need them to create project specifications and write tender documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What do civil engineers earn in Durban?

In Durban, a earns an average of R 605 700 gross per year, which is approximately R 50 480 gross per month. The starting salary of a Civil Engineer in Durban averages at R 409 200 gross per year. Executive level civil engineers can earn salaries that exceed R 1 012 100 gross per year.


2.      Is there a demand for civil engineering jobs Durban?

Yes, civil engineering jobs are always in demand across a range of different sectors, including construction, transportation, electricity, and consultancy, amongst others.


3.      How do I land a civil engineering job in Durban?

The best means of landing a civil engineering job at the executive level is to use a tailored job board, like that offered by Executive Placements.