cctv technician
20 days ago


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Senior CCTV / Alarm Technician, Gqeberha
East London
30 days ago

Salary: R10 000.00 Monthly

We are seeking a Senior cctv & Alarm Technician for a permanent role based in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape.

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CCTV Technician Assistant
30 days ago

Salary: 10000 Monthly

Office hours:  Monday – Friday:  07:30 – 17:00 A Well-established firm within the Agricultural sector has an opportunity for a JNR person who is technically inclined and who can work with their hands to join their firm in Equestria, PTA-East area. Job Overview:Visiting various sites to do maintenance on cctv cameras and other hardware-related equipment.

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Technical Maintenance Manager
2 days ago

Salary: Negotiable

Are you a skilled Technical Maintenance Manager with a strong electrical or engineering background? Join our team and take charge of all technical aspects related to equipment, maintenance, and suppliers. Lead a team of dedicated technicians and suppliers to ensure the seamless operation of our facilities. Na...

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Operations Manager (Wits VIDA)
4 days ago


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6 days ago

Salary: Market related

Part of your role will be to direct and oversee all hotel operations during the night shift

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Solutions Architect
9 days ago

Salary: Monthly

Our client, a prominent IT company, is seeking employ an experienced Solutions Architect to join their management team. This role is based in Sandton, Johannesburg.The Solutions Specialist contributes to the establishment of our client as the leader and visionary in the provision of innovative ICT and Data Center infrastructure solutions.

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Sales Executive – Electronic Security Products
Centurion, Gauteng
12 days ago

Salary: R 16 000 to R 20 0000 per month plus commission

Sales Executive – Electronic Security Products

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Senior IT Technician
Port Elizabeth
12 days ago


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IT Technician
15 days ago

Salary: R15 000 Monthly

We are looking for an IT Technician in the Centurion area for a company within the retail / Food industry to manage and support the IT infrastructure.

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The complete guide to CCTV jobs

Depending on the organisation and the security equipment in place, the operator of the security control room may have a wide range of roles and responsibilities.

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to CCTV operator jobs in South Africa.

What does a CCTV job entail?

An operator of closed-circuit television (CCTV) spends their day in a central control room, where they are responsible for monitoring and controlling a bank of displays. These are connected to surveillance cameras that have been installed in public areas, buildings, and other locations such as construction sites, with the goals of detecting and preventing criminal activity, protecting individuals or monitoring the operation of equipment, machines, and other systems in the company.

Other Useful Career Guides:
What career opportunities are there for CCTV jobs?

With the continuous advancement in technology, CCTV jobs are becoming more in demand. If employed in a bigger company, you can advance to senior levels in the CCTV arena.

How to get a CCTV job

The basic rule of thumb is that a CCTV operator needs to be PSIRA Registered. You need to have a current and legal driver's license in addition to a clean criminal history. You should also have knowledge of security systems such as alarm systems and CCTV surveillance systems.

How to become a CCTV operator

Although there are no official prerequisites for admittance, many employers prefer applicants to have some training from a recognised institution that provides professional CCTV training in South Africa. Among these is the South West Coast Training Academy, the CCTV College SA, the Cranes CCTV Training School, and the Growth College. The length of time required for training can range anywhere from one day to a few weeks, depending on the specifics of the curriculum and the modules that are studied.

Pros and cons of a CCTV job in South Africa
  • You would be required to perform your duties inside, in a centralised control centre, in front of multiple screens.
  • It is anticipated that you will work in shifts in order to cover the required 24 hours of work each day, seven days per week. There are many professions available that need working in shifts of 12 hours, with four days on and four days off.
  • You will operate independently or as part of a group of other operators. 
  • Your people's skills are constantly refined as you constantly need to be good at reading people, both in terms of their expressions and their body language. 
  • It's a great feeling to give individuals the power to be safe, especially if they've been a victim of crime in the past. 
  • The work can be stressful as it necessitates careful attention to detail and is frequently carried out in environments in which maintaining a state of constant awareness is essential.
Frequently asked questions

Is a CCTV job a good career?

Yes. Technology is improving in leaps and bounds in the workplace. CCTV operators are more and more in demand. 

Are CCTV jobs in demand?

With the advent of CCTV, its previously supporting role in police and safety agency investigations has expanded. CCTV is a growing industry with several entry-level opportunities as well as opportunities to advance in a bigger company.

How much do CCTV operators earn?

In South Africa, a CCTV operator can expect an annual pay of R 210 000, or about R 108 per hour. Salary ranges from R 168 000 per year for entry level employment to R 390 000 per year for the most experienced employees.