Chemical Engineer / Process Engineer

Salary: R35,000 to R57,000 PM

chemical Engineer / Process Engineer

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Northern Suburbs
6 days ago

Salary: 2000000 Annually

CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER (Driving Operational Excellence)Onsite positionMaximum up to 2 million per annumWestern Cape

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Plant Supervisor
18 days ago

Salary: MR Monthly

Our Client is looking for a  Plant Supervisor to join their team

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Chief Operating Officer
19 days ago

Salary: R2.2M / annum

Exciting new opportunity for qualified Electrical or chemical Engineer with 10 years senior management experience.

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Continuous Improvement Engineer Ref: 3473
20 days ago

A well-known FMCG giant is searching for a dynamic Continuous Improvement Engineer to join their Western Cape team.

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Chief Operating Officer
32 days ago

Salary: R2M/annum

Exciting opportunity for COO with Electrical engineering or chemical engineering qualification coupled with 10 years Executive level experience. Cape Town

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Southern Suburbs
36 days ago

Salary: R10 000


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Production Manager
Epping Industrial
43 days ago

Salary: Market related

Actively engage at regional level in the End-to-End Sales and Operational Planning Process

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Production Technician
Cape Town
69 days ago


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Production Technician
Cape Town
69 days ago


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Chemical engineering jobs Cape Town

What is a chemical engineer?

The field of chemical engineering impacts several subfields of engineering. Chemical engineers, in the broadest sense, are responsible for the conception and design of processes for the production, transformation, and transportation of materials, beginning with laboratory testing and ending with the implementation of the technology in large-scale manufacturing.

Industrial and product creation are both within the purview of chemical engineers. Manufacturing and processing chemicals requires the development of specialized machinery, systems, and procedures.

Chemical engineers are responsible for taking laboratory-developed processes and adapting them to industrial settings, where they are then maintained and continuously improved. Math, physics, and chemistry are the backbone on which they build their engineering expertise. There is also a growing role for biology.

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Employment opportunities in the chemical engineering sector in Cape Town

When you apply for Chemical engineering jobs in Cape Town, you’ll help diverse sectors manufacture safe and effective goods by designing and developing chemicals and planning for how they interact in different conditions.

For example, they could develop safeguards to reduce the likelihood of unintended chemical reactions, devise strategies to dispose of chemical waste, and optimize the process to save energy.

Chemical engineers may collaborate with chemists to develop a safe new product, or they may supervise the design of industrial chemical equipment developed by other engineers.

The majority of a chemical engineer's career is spent in an office or a laboratory. Engineers working in offices may never come into contact with the chemicals they use in their job and must rely instead on their considerable knowledge of these substances and their interactions with the environment.

Chemical engineers who work in laboratories often get more hands-on experience with chemicals than their industrial counterparts, however they still often focus more on the design and calculation aspects of research than on actual chemical experiments.

Chemical engineers can find work in a wide variety of sectors, each of which has its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Included among these sectors are:

  • Food manufacturing
  • Cosmetics manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical research
  • General chemical research
  • Plastics engineering
  • Nanotechnology or nanomaterials
  • Technology manufacturing
  • Fuel engineering
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How much does a chemical engineer earn in Cape Town?

The average salary for a Chemical Engineer in Cape Town is R 327 280 gross per year (R 27 270 gross per month).


2.      Is it easy to find a chemical engineering job in Cape Town?

There are several business and development sectors that are constantly on the lookout for chemical engineers


3.      What is the best way to find a chemical engineering job in Cape Town?

Executive Placements is a specialized job platform that can find the most promising opportunities in Cape Town for senior-level chemical engineers.