Site Foreman (Fuel and Fleet System)
27 days ago

Salary: R16k - 18k per month + fuel

- Technical knowledge of Petro chemical Industries and fuel management

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Chemical engineering jobs Pretoria

What is a chemical engineer?

Chemical engineers, in the broadest sense, are tasked with everything from the first stages of research and development to the full scale implementation of new production, transformation, and transportation methods.

Chemical engineers work in a variety of settings, including manufacturing and product development. Building specialized equipment, developing unique systems, and perfecting unique processes are all necessities in the chemical industry.

In the chemical engineering field, it is the job to take processes developed in the lab and implement them in an industrial context, where they can be maintained and enhanced.

The foundation of their engineering knowledge rests in the fields of mathematics, physics, and chemistry. We’ll explore the realm of chemical engineering jobs in Pretoria below.

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Employment opportunities in the chemical engineering sector in Pretoria

By inventing and designing chemicals and preparing for their interactions under varying conditions, chemical engineers in Pretoria aid numerous sectors in the production of reliable, high-quality items.

They may, for instance, take measures to ensure that unwanted chemical reactions are minimized, figure out ways to safely dispose of chemical waste, and enhance the procedure so that less energy is consumed.

Chemical engineers work alongside chemists to create novel products, or they may oversee the design of chemical processing equipment for factories.

In most cases, a chemical engineer will spend their working life within an office or lab. Office-based engineers may never come into physical contact with the chemicals they deal with, so they must rely on their extensive background understanding of these substances and how they behave in the natural world.

Laboratory-based chemical engineers may gain more practical expertise with chemicals than their more theoretically-oriented industrial counterparts, but they still typically devote more time to planning and analysing experiments than to conducting them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How much does a chemical engineer earn in Pretoria?

The average chemical engineer salary in Pretoria is R 690 000 per year or R 354 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 258 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 9 360 000 per year.


2.      Is it easy to find a chemical engineering job in Pretoria?

Chemical engineers are in high demand in a variety of industries, including those involved in business and development.


3.      What is the best way to find a chemical engineering job in Pretoria?

The best prospects in Pretoria for experienced chemical engineers can be found through Executive Placements, a specialized career portal.