Quality Engineer
8 days ago


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Quality Engineer
8 days ago

Salary: Up to R30 000 per month

To monitor the plant’s activities and to maintain the product, process, quality and system to agreed standards through facilitation of improvements and audits.

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Protein Expression and Purification Scientist
12 days ago


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Chemical engineering jobs Durban

What is a chemical engineer?

To tackle real-world technical difficulties in the processing sector, chemical engineers use their expertise in chemistry, mathematics, physics, and economics. Chemical engineers plan, build, and manage facilities that refine raw materials into finished goods with higher market value.

A Chemical Engineer applies his or her theoretical and experimental chemistry knowledge to the development of large-scale industrial processes, with the ultimate goal of reducing waste and enhancing safety.

By conceptualizing and developing methods for manufacturing, modifying, and delivering materials, a chemical engineer can affect several subfields of engineering. There is a lot of trial and error in the lab before a chemical engineer can bring these materials into mass manufacturing. Here we’ll explore all there is to know about chemical engineering jobs in Durban.

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Employment opportunities in the chemical engineering sector in Durban

Numerous chemical engineers are employed in the manufacturing sector in Durban, where they contribute to the development of new equipment and facilities. Their mission is to make sure everything runs efficiently and effectively while saving money.

A process engineer is a common title for this field of work. Products such as plastics, paper, dyes, pharmaceuticals, polymers, fertilizers, petrochemicals, and even many meals owe their existence to the work of chemical engineers.

While chemical engineers have always been in demand by the energy and oil industries, other fields in Durban are seeing faster expansion. Chemical engineers are staying busy as the need for more efficient energy use and new forms of energy continues to grow.

Environmental engineering is another expanding field for chemical engineers. There is a wide variety of jobs for a chemical engineer in environmental science, including working to clean up or prevent pollution, safely disposing of dangerous waste, or managing a sewage treatment plant.

In fact, chemical engineers are in high demand for environmental engineering positions at many companies in Durban.

Chemical engineers also have several job opportunities in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They play a crucial role in the development of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment (from catheters to artificial kidneys and prostheses).

The boundaries between chemical engineering and other disciplines are often crossed. Chemical engineers, for instance, collaborate closely with electronic engineers in the development of computer components and other devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How much does a chemical engineer earn in Durban?

The average chemical engineer salary in Durban is R 690 000 per year or R 354 per hour.


2.      Is it easy to find a chemical engineering job in Durban?

Because chemical engineering is a highly specialised field, there is a constant demand for chemical engineers across a wide variety of sectors in Durban.


3.      What is the best way to find a chemical engineering job in Durban?

If you are an experienced chemical engineer seeking to progress up the career ladder, Executive Placements is the perfect job board on which to connect with the ideal employer in Durban.