Electrical Engineer Utilities - High Tension (GCC Factories)
1 day ago


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Maintenance Engineer - GCC
11 days ago

Salary: 65000 Monthly

Cape Town Engineering Manager post for a ENG Degreed candidate with 8 to 10 years experience in a senior post. You will develop and implement the strategy for the Engineering and Maintenance functions of the business in line of the business plan

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Engineering Manager - GCC Mine and Works
24 days ago


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Projects Engineer (GCC /ECSA) – Heavy Industry / Sugar
Richards Bay
25 days ago


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38 days ago

Salary: R1.5 Million per annum


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Mine Maintenance Plant Engineer (GCC Mines) – Thabazimbi - Rneg + Ben
64 days ago


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Manufacturing Process Engineer (GCC adv)
81 days ago


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Manufacturing SAP Engineering Manager (GCC Factories)
88 days ago


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Mechanical Engineer (GCC Mines & Works)
18 days ago

Salary: 800000 Annually

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Engineer to join our client's dynamic team in the mineral processing industry, based in Middelburg Mpumalanga. You will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and optimal performance of our clients processing plant's systems. Your expertise in conveyor systems, pumps, and mining equipment will be vital in overseeing the maintaining of the plan...

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Electrical Engineer
2 days ago

Salary: Negotiable Monthly

Opportunity Available!! Our leading client in the Manufacturing Sector is looking to employ an Electrical Engineer to join their dynamic team in Middelburg.

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GCC Jobs in South Africa (Ultimate Guide)


Government Certificate of Competency, or GCC for short. In South Africa, is often referred to as "the ticket." We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to GCC jobs in South Africa.

What does a GCC job in South Africa entail?

The Chief Inspector of the Department of Employment and Labour (Factories Engineer), the Department of Mineral Resources (Mines Engineer), or the South African Maritime Safety Authority (Marine Engineer) issues the Government Certificate of Competence (GCC) to mechanical and electrical engineers working in the manufacturing, mining, and maritime sectors of the South African economy.

Other Useful Career Guides:
What career opportunities are there for GCC jobs in South Africa?

GCC Factories is a good fit for those with mechanical or electrical training who work in sectors where machinery produces more than 3000 kW of power. If the equipment is for distributing power, the peak demand will be greater than 10,000 kVA.

How to get a GCC job in South Africa

You have to take and pass the GCC Factories plant engineering and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act exams to get the GCC factories. But these tests are not open to everyone. To take the exams, you will need to get permission from the Commission of Examiners at the Department of Employment and Labour. If you meet the requirements, the Commission of Examiners will let you take the test. You can apply for the test with having a Bachelor’s degree or a national diploma in mechanical or electrical engineering, or a national technical diploma in an engineering or mechanical trade.

How to become a GCC engineer

To get the GCC Factories, you must first meet the requirements set by the Commission of Examiners from the Department of Employment and Labour to take the GCC Factories exam. You will need to fill out the required application form and send it along with your qualifications and the required letters.

You will have to take the OHS Act and the GCC Factories plant engineering exams. On the tests, you need to get 50% to pass. Every year, the GCC Factories plant engineering and OHS Act exams are given at approved TVET colleges in June and November. Send the Statement of Results to the Commission of Examiners.

If the Commission of Examiners recommends you, the Chief Inspector may give you a Certificate of Competency in mechanical or electrical engineering. Engineers with a Government Certificate of Competency in mechanical or electrical are called Certified Engineers.

Pros and cons of being a GCC engineer

A GCC engineer makes good money. You need to have a mechanical or electrical engineering qualification and the licensing process can be tedious and frustrating. You must be 23 years to take GCC Factories Exams. Getting GCC factories will take four to seven years.

Frequently asked questions

Is a GCC job a good career?

Yes. A GCC job opens many door to further your career in the industry of your choice.

Are GCC jobs in demand?

The demand for engineers is high in South Africa and the rest of Africa. Mechanical engineers typically work in an office setting with other types of engineers.

How much does a GCC engineer earn?

In South Africa, a GCC factories engineer makes R 630 000. Entry-level jobs pay R 930 000 per year, while most experienced workers get R .1 500 000.